Welcome to Spokane Valley's premier guitar, BASS, Drum, AND REPAIR SHOP!

 "What fun it is to have Fingerswagers available to help us play. Robert (Luthier) is an absolute wiz on fix, replace/improvement, and shows comprehensive knowledge of our guitars. Steve (owner) is personable, knowledgeable and helpful for a satisfying experience. Their prices are reasonable, below market standard. Save money and have fun at Fingerswagers in Spokane. This shop is definitely worth supporting! I intend to and hope that you give them a try.

- Jim M.

 "These guys are always friendly and helpful. There is no pressure, and they are willing to talk to you and explain things"

-Kevin S.

"Knowledgeable staff with a great selection of prs, Ibanez, and other brands. Tons of pedals and accessories too! They're always updating their inventory so go take a look!"

-Cole R.

"Great place! Both guys were extremely knowledgeable and helpful... will definitely go back.... thanks FingerSwagger!!!" 

-Lance M.

"I took my guitar in and it had a factory defect, so they fixed the guitar up. Finger Swaggers is a good business to do business with because their workmanship is good and their salesmanship is good as well."

-Ken T.