Welcome to Spokane Valley's premier guitar retail, service, and repair shop!

"Love these fellas. Andrew and Steve know their craft better than anyone. Andrew treats every customer that comes in like he’s known him for years. Steve is the owner and truly an amazing individual. I’ve come in just to talk and hang out, play banjo and they’re happy to have me. Have only bought one guitar here but I buy all my accessories from them. They’re good men. It’s a good store. Well worth going to."

-Brett W.

 "Wow.  Just wow!  Love these guys!  Great gear but for me, most importantly, a genius luthier!  Thank you so much!"

-Hammock Cave Studios

Great little music store! They are a smaller business and have very well educated people who work their. When I can I always support this place! They all rock!

-Derek M.

I stumbled upon this jewel online while in search for a Spector bass. I called a few stores in Spokane and basically no one had anything in stock. This was the last store I called, not because it was the last aoption but because Andrew steered me in. Having direct contact with a rep from Spector, he's been able to get answers to all my questions. Before I knew it, building a custom Spector became an option. I'm absolutely excited!